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Over 30 years' restumping experience

Ballarat House Restumping

Restumping or reblocking your home is a major alteration and requires a professional team. With over 30 years experience with restumping homes you can depend on quality workmanship with Ballarat House Restumping.

Restumping Ballarat

Are your windows and doors hard to open? Are your house floors sloping? Are there cracks in your cornices or internal walls? Your house could well be in need of restumping. Wooden stumps can rot, become infested with white ants or sink if not on a solid base. Concrete stumps can crack, crumble and fall apart. Brickwork might not have been properly concreted in. Steel posts might not have been coated correctly, cemented properly or might be made of sub-standard steel.

To ensure that your home is resting on a solid foundation talk to John at Ballarat House Restumping. Take a look at our gallery for before and after examples of some of our completed restumping work and phone us with any enquiries about:

Contact us for advice and a quote for your home. While based in Ballarat, we also service Daylesford, Meredith, Castlemaine and surrounding areas in Victoria.